Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 - Looking for the best rice cooker to help you cook any kinds of rice, from white, brown, sweet, mixed, etc without any fuss? Take a look at the Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10. Yes, it’s not as expensive as any other Zojirushi rice cooker, but it has rich features compared to other models, one of them is its capability to cook different kinds of rice as stated above. The machine itself can be purchased in either 5 ½ cup or 10 cup capacity.

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Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 has a timer that allow us to program the rice batch to be done by the end of the day, for example when we come back home. And good news is that the machine can also make porridge, oatmeal and soups. The best thing about Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Rice Cooker is that it features a technology called “Neuro Fuzzy Technology” which allows the machine to “think” for itself.

In practice what this means is that it can make small temperature adjustments which help the appliance produce great tasting rice every time you use it. And, to top it all off, it is very easy to program and set things up. So if you are really have plan to buy smart rice cooker in the near future, then you can’t go wrong with the Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 Advantages

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10
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Beauty Melody: With Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 you will hear “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” when the timer is set and cooking starts. “Amaryllis” will be played when cooking or reheat is completed.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 Smart Memory: Your choice for desired texture will be stored in the memory of the rice cooker until you change the setting.

LCD and Timer: The Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Rice Cooker comes with a LCD and a Timer. For those of folks who work outside of their home, you can set the timer in the morning to cook the rice an hour before coming home.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 Menu Selection: The menu gives you many options to cook your rice perfectly. There are two different ways to cook rice. The first one is to cook rice with rinse, which means that you rinse the rice a few times before cooking. The other is for cooking pre-washed rice. Most of us are probably more familiar with the first kind of cooking.

Rice with Rinse: When you cook regular rice with rinse, you can choose from “soft” or “hard” in texture. Personally, I always like the rice to be “al dente”, firm but not hard. If you cook other kinds of rice such as brown, sushi or sweet rice, there is an option for that.

Rice without Rinse: To cook pre-washed rice, you need to use the green measuring cup, which is different from the clear cup for all other types of rice. You also need to press the “Pre-Washed” button on the lower right hand corner to get perfectly cooked rice.

Keep Warm: We all have times that we need to stay longer at work to finish a project or a meeting. Fret not as Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 is capable of keeping the rice warm for hours and reheat when you need it. The regular “Keep Warm” button keeps the rice warm for 5 hours. There is also another button to keep the rice for 12 hours.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC Review From Users

Then enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Till i got this dream machine, i would attempt to cook rice on the stove, have it stick to the pot, soak it out and throw away over a cup of burnt rice. Then i got the Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 and it was love at first cup. Perfect rice every time, if you follow the instructions; always use measuring cups provided, because they are NOT standard (8oz) cup. Select the type of rice you are cooking and it determines the cooking time. I particularly loooove the timer, because brown rice takes about two hours to cook, I use the timer, set the end time and "Fuhgeddaboudit".
--Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Review by PepCee--

We had not owned a rice cooker before, but we are very pleased with this model. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Rice Cooker makes lots of rice, so unless your family exceeds 4-5 people, this unit's capacity should be enough for most families. We like brown rice, which is notoriously hard to cook well. Either its too dry or too mushy when cooked in a pan. In this Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10, however, brown rice is cooked perfectly, producing fluffy grains of brown rice that keep well in the refrigerator without clumping together.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 is extremely well-made, and the retractable cord is a design plus. Cleanup is like washing a bowl, because that's what you do and the non-stick surface cleans up quickly. The instructions can be a little overwhelming, as they contain lots of information. But, the actual operation of the unit is simple: measure the rice, fill water to the correct line on the bowl, set the menu for the type of rice, and press cook. Easy, and convenient, and we're very pleased so far.
--Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Review by Chuck--

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